Smoothie bowl

May 10, 2020
by Kristine

Revive Superfoods Smoothies: A Vegetarian’s Review

A lot of us are getting more of our food delivered these days to minimize trips to the grocery store. I for one am continuing to rely on Green Chef for 3 dinners a week during this unusal time. But breakfast is a consideration too and there are several companies packaging up smoothie fixins and depositing them on your doorstep. I’ve reviewed Green Blender and Daily Harvest in years past, and today I’m adding Revive Superfoods to the list. Continue Reading →

Warm red garbanzos top

April 5, 2020
by Kristine

6 Quick and Easy Pantry Meals

I feel like food has taken on a new meaning. With the unbelievable state of affairs in the world right now food is associated with a sense of scarcity which makes it feel extraordinarily valuable and comforting. I’m getting my groceries in new ways from new places and feeling grateful for every calorie that successfully arrives in this house.

With all the upheaval, apprehension, fear of the unknown, and new normal emerging I honestly haven’t had any thoughts about blogging…until today. I’ve seen tons of posts on social media for pantry-friendly meals and realized I have a few of my own recipes that fit the bill. So, I figured it was worth sharing a quick list. Continue Reading →

Bowl of veggies and grains

February 4, 2020
by Kristine

Green Chef Dinner Kits: A Vegetarian’s Review

I like to cook. And grocery shop. And meal plan. All the parts of feeding my family make me happy. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like convenience or streamlining these processes sometimes when it suits my schedule. I use online grocery shopping and mail order dinner kits regularly to help make these weekly tasks a little easier. And I’ve trialed and reviewed plenty of dinner kits before on the blog. The irony is that my favorite one, the one we’ve been using repeatedly for months, because it so successfully meets our needs and tastes…I’ve never written about. I’m going to remedy that today. Here is my official review of Green Chef. Continue Reading →

Bowl of vegetables and vegetarian sausage

December 30, 2019
by Kristine

Cabbage, Apple, and Sausage Skillet with Sage

One of the first recipes I ever posted after starting the blog was for Sage, Apple, and Sausage Sandwich with Field Roast. That’s right, way back in 2012. I had toured the Field Roast facility in Seattle and was inspired to create a dish using their unique meatless sausages. I started by mirroring the ingredients in the sausage itself: potatoes, onion, garlic, apples, and sage. In the last seven years I’ve changed a bit, the blog has evolved, my food photography skills have improved somewhat, and the recipe, well… Continue Reading →

10 jars of peanut butter stacked

November 10, 2019
by Kristine

Taste Test Winners: Best Crunchy Natural Peanut Butters

It takes a brave person to be friends with a dietitian, especially when it comes to eating together. Most of the time nutrition professionals are entirely focused on our own plate of food; let’s be honest, more than likely hyperfocused. But there’s always a chance we’ll put down our fork long enough to notice what you’re eating, too. When that happens, I make it a point not to freely offer nutrition advice where it’s not wanted, but recently I broke my own rule.

A friend at work was unpacking his lunch and pulled out a pb&j. For some reason I asked him what peanut butter he used and he happily responded, “Skippy.” Before I could stop myself I told him there were much healthier options available. After claiming he hated natural peanut butter, I posed a challenge: if I could find a yummier alternative, would he be willing to switch? He graciously responded, “Of course!” And my brain immediately started making plans for a natural peanut butter tasting. That’s normal, right?

10 jars of peanut butter stacked

I started by reading other reviews from Cook’s Illustrated and Good Housekeeping but I had two priorities they didn’t: I wanted natural peanut butters without added sugar or hydrogenated fats and my friend wanted a crunchy alternative, not creamy. So, I gathered jars from everywhere including Fred Meyer, Whole Foods, the Co-op, and Amazon. I didn’t include Trader Joe’s since there isn’t one where he lives and I didn’t include Costco because they only sell their natural Kirkland peanut butter in creamy. I ended up with 10 jars for sampling.

I read online about how to set up a semi-scientific tasting from Consumer Reports and Center for Science in the Public Interest. I needed the tasters to be blind to which brand they were tasting while still making sure I knew which pb was which. I assigned each jar a random 3-digit number which was written on the sampling cups. (And get this, which I find fascinating. I was cautioned against using single digits because it would look like I was rating the samples myself and against using two digits because people often have a positive or negative association with months, days, and dates!)

I typed up a rating sheet, bought the cutest tasting spoons you’ve ever seen, and recruited two additional volunteers for the official tasting. I didn’t intend to participate myself, but when the moment came I wanted to join in the eating fun.

Small cups of peanut butter with tasting spoons

Before we go any further, let’s talk about the biggest beef with natural peanut butters: the oil floating on the top. I’ve had patients and students tell me they assume this can’t possibly be the right kind of peanut butter to buy because the visible fat makes it seem unhealthy. It’s actually exactly what we want to see! Peanut oil should be the only oil in a jar of peanut butter and peanut oil is naturally liquid. So all you’re seeing is the natural separation of oil that ends up on top. Since consumers find this either unsightly or inconvenient, many companies add palm oil (a solid fat) or hydrogenate the liquid peanut oil to make it more solid. In both cases this is replacing or adding saturated or trans fat (both solid) when what we want is the healthy polyunsaturated fat (liquid) in our pb.

These natural brands all handled this issue differently. Many had comments on the label about separation and four recommended stirring before refrigerating: Smucker’s, 365, Adams, and Field Day. At our house we have a couple of techniques. We leave the jar upside down on the counter for an hour or so and then stick it in the fridge right side up, or put it directly in the fridge upside down. It sort of depends on the consistency of the peanut butter, but usually this will redistribute the oil and eliminate the need for the often-messy stirring.

We tasted the peanut butters straight, directly from the tasting spoons, and rated them for texture/mouthfeel and taste/flavor on a scale from 1 to 5, with one being “dislike a lot” and five being “like a lot.” I also had a question on the evaluation form asking the all important question: would you purchase? As soon as they sat down, one of my tasters asked about rating on appearance as there was a surprisingly big difference between them. But to simplify the form, I’d left that attribute off. In addition to the variation in appearance, there were definitely surprising differences in taste and texture despite every jar containing pretty much the same two things: peanuts and salt.

Peanut butter rating form

This post is already getting long-winded, and I can’t imagine any of you are interested in reading detailed tasting notes for 10 different peanut butters. So let’s just cut to the chase. While there were a few differences in preference between tasters, we were all pretty much on the same page, so I feel confident in sharing these recommended brands with you. Here are the peanut butters in order from most favorite to least favorite.

The Top 3

These three got the highest overall scores, were rated essentially equal to each other, and garnered unanimous yes votes for “Would you purchase?”

Smucker’s Natural Peanut Butter Chunky

Jar of Smuckers peanut butter

Field Day Organic Crunchy and Salted Peanut Butter

Jar of Field Day peanut butter

365 Everyday Value Peanut Butter Crunchy

Jar of 365 peanut butter


Middle of the Pack

These four got split reactions from the judges but all had similar overall scores I would say were medium, mediocre, or modest.

Adam’s 100% Natural Peanut Butter Crunchy

Jar of Adam's Natural peanut butter

Simple Truth Organic Crunchy Peanut Butter

Jar of Simple Truth peanut butter

Santa Cruz Organic Crunchy Dark Roasted Peanut Butter

Jar of Santa Cruz peanut butter

Once Again Unsweetened Crunchy Peanut Butter

Jar of Once Again peanut butter

The Bottom 3

These three couldn’t cut the mustard. We all rated them low on texture and taste and the majority of us said we wouldn’t purchase. Notably, CB’s and Grind-Your-Own were two of the ten peanut butters that are made without salt.

CB’s Nuts Original Peanut Butter Creamunchy

Jar of CB's Nuts peanut butter

Fix and Fogg Peanut Butter Super Crunchy

Jar of Fix and Fogg peanut butter


Peanut grinding machine

Prices really vary as does availability. You’ll have to do a little searching at your favorite stores to see which brands are available and if you’re willing to pay the price. And be cautious. Before grabbing a brand that says “natural” on the label and assuming it’s a healthier product, read the nutrition facts and ingredient list. Smucker’s Natural is just peanuts and salt, but Jif Natural and Skippy Natural have palm oil and sugar added.

Nutritionally, the peanut butters we tested are all similar. Here’s a summary of the nutrition facts per serving:

Serving size: 2 tablespoons

Calories: ranged from 180-200

Total fat: ranged from 14-17 grams

Saturated fat: ranged from 2-3 grams

Trans fat: 0 grams

Cholesterol: 0 grams

Sodium: ranged from 0-115 milligrams

Carbohydrate: ranged from 4-7 grams

Fiber: ranged from 2-3 grams

Added sugar: 0 grams

Protein: 8 grams

For some reason planning for and participating in this tasting was great fun for me. I figured after we tasted the samples, which took only 15 minutes or so, we’d have our data and we’d wrap things up. But I’d brought along bread, apple slices, jam, and crackers just in case anyone wanted to taste the peanut butters in a real life situation, like on a sandwich. My friends and I ended up sitting and snacking and chatting about nutrition for about an hour. Not many things make a dietitian happier. And my favorite comment from the tasting party? Upon tasting his first few samples, one taster asked, “What’s peanut butter supposed to taste like anyway?” Another taster’s response? “Heaven.”


This is not a sponsored post. I happily drove all over town and purchased 10 jars of peanut butters on my own. Perfectly normal way to spend free time.