Tofu, veggies and rice on a plate

September 9, 2019
by Kristine

Salt, Pepper, and Oil Dinner Kits: A Vegetarian’s Review

I’ve written a lot of dinner kit reviews for this blog, as there are a lot of national dinner kit companies shipping food to hungry families around the country. I’d say it’s a bit of a food trend these days. I’m always curious to see how they’ll handle the vegetarian boxes, from the nutrition and taste perspectives. It can sometimes be hit or miss.

And I’m lucky. Where I live (Bellingham, WA) there are at least two local companies succeeding at the dinner kit game. One is Acme Farms and Kitchen and the other is Salt, Pepper, and Oil. Today, it’s SPO’s turn for a little critique. Continue Reading →

Cans of iced coffee on a picnic table

August 3, 2019
by Kristine
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Taste Test Winners: Top 3 Iced Coffees and Cold Brews

You know the birds of a feather saying? Well, I have found my flock. And they’re food nerds. Two of my friends and I recently had a blind tasting of 9 different bottled and canned iced coffees and cold brews, you know, just for fun. We purchased several variations, but mostly they were lower calorie vanilla flavored coffees. The reason we did it exposes our food-related ridiculousness but also shows how similar we are.

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Bowl of granola, berries and coconut yogurt

July 3, 2019
by Kristine
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5 Foods I’m Loving Lately (Dietitian Approved!)

It’s been a while. Almost two months in fact, since I wrote a blog post. I can tell you it was a very full spring quarter and my time and attention were focused on other pursuits. But summer is here and I’m ready to ease back into the blogging habit. Today I want to share with you some of the food-related things that have been making me content recently. I guess it’s sort of a Favorite Things list, but that sounds grandiose, with Oprah-like expectations of greatness.

This is, instead, a small, simple list of tiny things that make for happy food moments in my day. I expect to repeat this type of post in the future. I called it 5 Foods I’m Loving Lately since it’s my current favorite things list, to be constantly updated and elongated in the coming months as I discover new things and gravitate towards new products. Continue Reading →

Bento box filled with berries, celery and beans

May 8, 2019
by Kristine

A Week’s Worth of Vegetarian Bento Lunches

It’s been a busy quarter. And I’ve got 6 more weeks ahead of me before the school year is over. I know wherever you are, whoever you are, chances are you might be in the middle of a busy time too. Having more tasks on your to-do list certainly contributes to that overwhelmed feeling, but I keep “pack a lunch” on my morning task list regardless. Why? Because eating poorly makes me feel like I’m falling behind in an important area of my life, but also because I find some comfort and order in the packing process. Continue Reading →

Tupperware filled with kiwi berries, chocolate almonds, parmesan crisps and cucumbers

April 3, 2019
by Kristine

Healthy Portable Snacks 2

What’s one of the best ways to stay on track with healthy food choices? Plan ahead. That could mean meal prep on Sunday to ensure healthy dinners for the next 5 nights or making your own flavored water (bubbly or otherwise) at home to grab in a pinch when you’re rushing out the door to run errands. It might also mean preparing yourself with healthy snacks so you’re not tempted by candy, donuts, or worse when the mood strikes. Continue Reading →