Top down photo of glass with iced tea with some loose leaf tea sprinkled next to it

March 14, 2018
by Kristine

Copycat Coconut LaCroix Recipe

It’s everywhere. It’s taking over the world, or at least the grocery stores. You know you’ve seen it: LaCroix sparkling water. Those brightly colored pastel boxes are neatly stacked on the endcap or in some other prime real estate in the store where it can’t help but catch your eye. It comes in 21 flavors, has no calories, no sweeteners of any kind (sugar subs or real sugar), and is allowed on pretty much every possible diet anyone is following. It is totally and completely dietitian-approved by this dietitian. Continue Reading →

White plate covered with roasted potatoes and melted white cheese

February 28, 2018
by Kristine
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A Vegetarian in Bellingham: Mount Bakery

For some reason it took me 7 months after starting this blog to get around to writing a post about my favorite local dinner spot. And now it’s taken me 6 years to finally write a post about my favorite local breakfast spot. I understand this is why real bloggers have editorial calendars. They actually brainstorm ideas, come up with topics that make sense and are meaningful to them, and then schedule a time to write about them. Potential post topics get written down instead of getting lost in the shuffle. I seem to be the kind of blogger who is directed by whimsy and mood instead. I write about what strikes me at the time, with little thought given to a larger organizational structure. It works for me, but it’s also responsible for forehead-slapping moments of incredulity when I think, “How have I never written about the Mount Bakery?” Continue Reading →

Basket of apple slices and bread next to a small pot of cheese fondue

January 31, 2018
by Kristine

A Vegetarian in Squamish BC: The Summit Eatery and Edge Bar

Sometimes when I’m writing a blog post (OK, most of the time) I wonder if anyone will ever read it, besides maybe my mom and my best friend. They’re subscribers, so it’s going to show up in their inbox whether they like it or not. And I suppose they feel some sort of personal connection with me which might make them more than casually interested in my latest culinary advice or adventures. Continue Reading →

Coffee mug on the corner of a table topped with foam

January 17, 2018
by Kristine

A Vegetarian in Squamish BC: Fuel + Forest

If my calculations are correct I’ve eaten at my favorite restaurant about 100 times. The menu, the setting, the customer service, and the creative vegetarian specials are all entirely familiar to me and remarkably, they continue to make me happy meal after meal. So when I try eating somewhere new, and I’m compelled to go back a second time in as many days it seems like a good sign; a very good sign that perhaps I’ve stumbled upon another “keeper.” Continue Reading →

Square plastic container with blueberries, coconut bites, cucumber slices and almonds

January 3, 2018
by Kristine

Healthy Snacking at Work: Part 3

As I write this, I’m on Christmas break. Teaching and grading have been replaced by spontaneous napping and endless Facebook and Instagram scanning. Thankfully, by the time you read this, the new year will upon us and I will be back at work, spending my days like an adult doing responsible work things. Of course one recreational activity that will continue to be part of 2018 is my weekly game of Wizard with my colleagues, for which I provide snack foods. (Never fear, there is no role playing and no actual wizards. It’s a card game kind of like pinochle.) Continue Reading →