Hanaya paradise roll

June 22, 2016
by Kristine

A Vegetarian in Surrey BC: Hanaya Japanese Restaurant

You know those impromptu, seemingly insignificant conversations you have with coworkers? The ones that just happen organically as you wait in line at the copier or pass each other in the hallway? Over time they build connection and familiarity, but they can also end up leading you to your new favorite kick-ass sushi restaurant. Many thanks to my biologist colleague for chatting me up about Canada, border crossings, NEXUS passes, and where to find good sushi a few weeks back. It was a quiet Friday afternoon in the office and he was standing in my doorway shooting the breeze. After he mentioned he had discovered a seaweed and rice jackpot right across the border in Surrey BC, I suggested to Jeff that we try it out tout de suite, and within a few hours the husband and I were headed north. Continue Reading →

Cacao Kapow smoothie with avocado

June 8, 2016
by Kristine

Copycat Cacao Kapow Smoothie

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you might remember a review of Daily Harvest smoothies a few posts back. My very favorite of the whole bunch I tasted and tested was the Cacao Kapow (now called Cacao and Avocado on their website). That’s right. I dutifully sampled 16 smoothies and this was the clear winner. Continue Reading →

Tapenade appetizer Boundary Bay

May 25, 2016
by Kristine

A Vegetarian in Bellingham: Boundary Bay Brewery and Bistro

That’s right. Two local restaurant reviews in a row. My last post highlighted a favorite breakfast spot; this time we’re moving on to lunch. (So much for building variety into my editorial calendar.) For some reason I’m in an eating out mode lately, perhaps because of an unnaturally busy schedule. And laziness. Happily, the result is that I keep finding myself in restaurants photographing taste-bud-tantalizing vegetarian food. Continue Reading →

Old Town Cafe southwest scramble

May 11, 2016
by Kristine

A Vegetarian in Bellingham: Old Town Cafe

You know how once you’ve exercised you think you can reward yourself with extra calories? Like you’ve really created this incredibly large window for indulging? That rationalization may have happened to me recently after I completed a local 5K race. I shouldn’t technically even get to call it a race. As a walker, they didn’t put a tracking chip on my bib, so my results weren’t recorded or published. It was more like I was taking a leisurely walk in an unfamiliar neighborhood with 764 strangers wearing a tiny random number sign pinned to my front. In any case, a morning of “racing” was followed by a most delectable breakfast during which said rationalization took place. Continue Reading →

Warm red garbanzos top

April 27, 2016
by Kristine

15 Minute Dinner: Warm Red Garbanzos

Spring quarter’s been a doozy. I’m teaching more credits than normal and for the first time ever I’ve got an evening class from 4:00-6:00 pm three nights a week. Also, the high season for my husband’s business just kicked into gear about three weeks ago…the same time my quarter started. Taken together all of these changes have really put a dent in our normal dinnertime routine. Continue Reading →