Mason jar filled with iced coffee tea

July 24, 2014
by Kristine

Iced Coffee Tea

Have you ever heard of a dirty chai? A friend who used to work at Tazo Tea introduced us to it. We would order a chai tea latte with a shot of espresso added, and it was quite delightful; kind of richer somehow. Turns out coffee and tea taste really good together.

That dirty chai experience led me to try a bottled product I enjoyed last summer, Harney and Sons Organic Coffee Tea, which I attempted to recreate on my own. I think I’ve closely matched the strength, flavor and sweetness with today’s recipe. Continue Reading →

Sweet Strawberry and Edamame Salad

July 9, 2014
by Kristine

3 Main Dish Summer Salads Under 450 Calories

Junuary. That’s what people were calling our decidedly unsummerlike weather a few weeks ago. But July is here now and so is the sun. The next week is bringing temperatures over 75 and even over 85 degrees. For us, dwellers of a third (top) floor condo, where the heat rises and stays for a nice long while, turning on the oven to make dinner is objectionable. This time of year salads seem more sensible. Continue Reading →

Overhead shot of a pint of strawberries in cardboard basket

June 25, 2014
by Kristine

Desperately Seeking Strawberries

‘Tis the season. For berries that is. And strawberries are the first in a long line of sweetness that’s coming this summer with several (hopefully) sunny months of raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. I’m excited, but also a little apprehensive. For some reason I feel pressure once the season starts to take full advantage of the flavor, beauty, and nutritional benefits while they’re available; desperate even. My mind races with plans for jams, smoothies, salads, and shortcake, worrying that I’ll run out of time before I can make and eat them all. (I know, I know…first world problems.) Continue Reading →

Food photography equipment behind the scenes

June 12, 2014
by Kristine

Cool Food Photography Stuff to Share

When I first started this blog 2 1/2 years ago, I set about to learning WordPress. Then I worked to improve my writing process. Then came the months of stumbling my way through Pinterest and Twitter, watching Google Analytics tutorials, and researching strategies for search engine optimization; I had my hands full of topics that needed mastering. Including photos in the posts was fun, but I was mostly happy with documenting the food more than taking the perfect photograph. Now I’m finding time to focus my efforts on better photographic skills and food styling. So, I thought I’d step away from nutrition and vegetarianism for this post to instead share 3 cool food photography resources you might like. (We’re not straying too far…for all intents and purposes, we’re still talking about food.) Continue Reading →

Vegetarian burger on a bun with cheese

May 28, 2014
by Kristine

A Vegetarian in Vancouver BC: Tera V Burger

I have no desire to run a marathon. Ever. Not that I was even slightly interested before, but now that I’ve seen the horror up close, I see no reason to put myself through that. My brother- and sister-in-law, however, take a different view.

We went to Vancouver BC a few weekends back to cheer them on as they accomplished the unimaginable. After weeks of training, one of them tackled the half marathon and one of them ran the full monty: 26.2 miles. Most everyone crossing the finish line looked miserable, though I’m sure the feelings of accomplishment came later. When the pain stopped. Continue Reading →