Chocolate-hazelnut spread line-up

June 24, 2015
by Kristine

A Nutrition Review of Nutella and Other Chocolate-Hazelnut Spreads Part 4: A Master List

I’ve been writing about Nutella and its copycats since this blog began 3 years ago. Apparently there’s a lot to say about chocolate-hazelnut spreads because it’s spawned 3 of my most popular posts. (You can find 1, 2, and 3 here if you’re into historical nutrition non-fiction.) Today’s post makes number 4. Continue Reading →

Cold strawberry quik

June 10, 2015
by Kristine

10 Ideas for What to Drink This Summer

It’s here! It’s here! At least June is, if summer isn’t. This hint at the changing of the seasons usually means my beverage choices shift away from steamed, frothed, and steeped to chilled, blended, and infused. For some reason I really spend a lot of time thinking about what to drink; so much so that a third of the recipes on the blog aren’t even for food…they’re for satiating sippables. Seems like as good a time as any to do a drink recipe round-up to get you ready for the warm temperatures that I’m sure are just around the corner. Right? Like in 2 weeks. Please? Continue Reading →

Chau Veggie Express sign

May 13, 2015
by Kristine

A Vegetarian in Vancouver BC: Chau Veggie Express

I wasn’t even going to write a restaurant review this week. I had a whole other topic scheduled, but it got bumped. I ate at Chau Veggie Express on Sunday and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. I couldn’t wait to write this post, share my photos, and rave about this incredible vegetarian restaurant in Vancouver BC. Continue Reading →

Driftaway Coffee

April 29, 2015
by Kristine

8 New Favorite Food Finds

I know I’ve mentioned before how much I like reading restaurant menus. Have I ever gone on about my love for grocery shopping? I like the direct satisfaction it provides: find item in store, put item in cart, mark item off list. But I also keep an eye out for anything on the shelves that looks unfamiliar. Scouting out new products adds another whole layer of fun to my shopping trip. Continue Reading →