Chocolate Chip Cookie Cafe Wylde

May 10, 2017
by Kristine
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A Vegetarian in Everett: Cafe Wylde

I don’t spend a lot of time in Everett. Mostly I curse the traffic gods as I inch along Interstate 5 at a snail’s pace past Everett. This city lies between me and the vegetarian restaurant jackpot that is Seattle, so I never really considered stopping there for food. Until last week.

It just so happened that I was going to be in the vicinity of Everett around lunchtime as I headed south for a trip. I decided to use my trusty Happy Cow app to see what, if anything, Everett had to offer a hungry, picky dietitian. Turns out a vegan eatery called Cafe Wylde wholly fit the bill. Continue Reading →

Healthy work snacks dried cherries, sweet peppers, hummus, tortilla chips

April 26, 2017
by Kristine

Healthy Snacking at Work: Part 2

People eat what’s in front of them; most of the time anyway. If there’s a bag of potato chips on the counter at home we grab a handful, if there’s a box of donuts in the conference room at work we figure we deserve one, and if there is a basket of freshly baked bread provided at the Italian restaurant we empty it. For my last post I talked about a collection of snacks I recently added to my office, with hopes of offering healthy alternatives for hungry students and coworkers. Today I want to continue that theme by telling you about another way I put healthy food in front of people intentionally. Continue Reading →

Heirloom Huevos Rancheros

March 22, 2017
by Kristine

A Vegetarian in Vancouver BC: Heirloom Restaurant

We are lucky to live so close to Vancouver BC. It’s just about an hour away and it affords a seemingly limitless supply of good vegetarian spots to eat. We’ve started going up so often, in fact, that we got ourselves Nexus passes. That means we can speed past the 45 minute back-up of cars to our own special, expedited lane that usually has a 30 second wait. It’s really glorious, I tell you. On a recent trip we found a new favorite place to dine: Heirloom Restaurant. We were so impressed we ate there twice, once for dinner and again the next morning for brunch. Continue Reading →