chickpea masala ciao thyme

October 12, 2016
by Kristine

Another Way to Do Dinner: Ciao Thyme CT2GO

Even if you’re someone who likes to cook, you’re not always in the mood. Or you get home later than expected and run out of time to pull a decent dinner together. There are convenient options to get you out of this pickle, of course: take and bake pizza, take-out Thai food, or dinner kits. In Bellingham we even have a delivery service that will send a driver to any of 45 local restaurants and bring you dinner, tacking on just $3.99 for the trip. While all of these will do, I’ve found another way: picking up fresh, ready-made main dishes from my favorite local cafe’s refrigerator. They call it Ciao Thyme To Go (CT2GO) and it’s darn easy. Continue Reading →


September 28, 2016
by Kristine

A Vegetarian in Bellingham: Saku Tea

I thought it was supposed to take about 45 minutes. The Tea Tasting at Saku Tea in Bellingham, Washington. And I envisioned something like a sampler tray. You know, at a brewery, when they bring you 6 tiny glasses of beer so you can try more than one? Well, I was wrong on both counts. We were seated at the quaint industrial-style table for more than 2 hours, as we were guided through an educational and epicurean tea experience by the owner, Kuros. Turns out it makes for a nice afternoon date with the husband. Continue Reading →

giving asparagus pizza cafe gratitude

September 14, 2016
by Kristine
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A Vegetarian in San Diego: Cafe Gratitude

I love San Diego. I’ve been just twice, and seen only 2 or 3 of the enjoyable neighborhoods it has to offer, but my recent return trip cemented in my mind that it’s my kind of city. It has all the ingredients from which to build a healthy lifestyle: endless sunshine, picturesque walking/running paths, and no shortage of healthful spots to dine. I was particularly enamored with Cafe Gratitude, a 100% organic watering hole of epic plant-based proportions. Despite being in town just 4 days, I visited the Cafe twice and walked away sated and happy both times. Continue Reading →

Tempeh lettuce and tomato

August 31, 2016
by Kristine

Protein on a Plant-Based Diet

I am writing about protein today, which is not a new topic, especially for vegetarians. However, it seems to be a hot topic these days. Starbucks is adding it to their cans of coffee, General Mills is adding it to cereal, and protein powders continue to be (falsely) viewed as a required food group for anyone trying to lose weight or be fit. In reality, most Americans eat plenty of protein without trying too hard or relying on protein-fortified foods or supplements. I could make a compelling argument for why most of us don’t need to worry about beefing up plates with more protein, but luckily dietitian Hope Warsaw has already done it quite handily here.

Instead I thought I’d do a Q&A format with some common questions I hear about vegetarians and protein, including some practical tips for daily food choices. Continue Reading →

Snap Pea, Watermelon, and Edamame Salad with Sesame Vinaigrette

August 17, 2016
by Kristine

A Week’s Worth of Summer Salads

I hate to perpetuate the stereotype that vegetarians eat nothing but lettuce, because honestly the variety of non-lettuce-based meatless dishes is endless. Really and truly most of our meals are built on substantial, hearty foods like grains (quinoa or pasta), legumes (lentils or garbanzo beans), soy foods (tofu or tempeh) and not simply crunchy, watery leaves. But because it’s August, because it’s been warm and sunny, and because I haven’t felt much like cooking, we’ve been relying on salads for dinner more than usual. Continue Reading →