A Vegetarian on Oahu Part 2: Honolulu and the Rest of the Island

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Large silver beer brewing kettle

During our trip we spent time in Kailua, Honolulu and the North Shore, so we got a nice sampling of veggie food the island had to offer.

Though it’s certainly not unique to Hawaii, everyone in the family was quite happy with a lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.  A dietitian eating at the Cheesecake Factory you ask?  Can it be true?  Well, I was on vacation, and keep in mind, we were trying to be sure we chose restaurants where there were options for meat eaters and non-meat eaters.  The Cheesecake Factory actually offers one of the very best salads of all time – it’s like they took all my favorite foods and combined them in one dish with an unbelievable dressing:

Fresh Vegetable Appetizer Salad:  Asparagus, Green Beans, Tomato, Cucumber, Roasted Beets, Apple, Edamame, Radicchio, Romaine and White Cheddar All Chopped with Pomegranate Vinaigrette.

I should mention that local Hawaiian favorites tempted us on this side of the island as well.  I don’t think he’ll mind that I’m telling you…Jeff went back a couple of times for the “chocolate-filled Napples” pastry at Napoleon’s Bakery and I downed the locally brewed Pineapple and Vanilla Cream Waialua Sodas at the Kona Brewing Company.  Jeff and Dad were excited to sample their locally made beers, but the menu was a bit pricey so we settled for some tasty appetizers on the outdoor patio.

Kona Brewing Kettle

Other recommended veg-friendly stops if you’re in the vicinity:

Lanikai Juice

Refreshing fresh juices and smoothies in Kailua and Kahala.

Maui Taco

Our stand-by for reasonably priced vegetarian options in Kailua and Honolulu.

Be sure to check out part 1 of this series, A Vegetarian on Oahu Part 1:  The North Shore, too.

Do you have any suggestions for good vegetarian fare in Honolulu?  What other local spots offer meatless options?



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