Chocolate-hazelnut spreads

A Nutrition Review of Nutella and Other Chocolate-Hazelnut Spreads: Again


Philatelist? Stamps. Numismatist? Coins. But, what do you call someone who collects jars of food? Epulorcaconferst? (My apologies to any Latin experts out there who might be critiquing my root word selection…)

I’m a woman on a mission, and it’s a chocolatey one. As a lover of the taste of Nutella and a hater of its Nutrition Facts, I’ve had my eye out for any and all chocolate-hazelnut spreads, with the hopes that I might come across some healthier alternatives. When I originally tackled this problem last year, I settled on Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Blend, and I stand by that recommendation. But, the last 12 months have brought me some new contenders so I thought it was time to revisit the world of this sweet, fudgey stuff. And, it just so happens that February 5 is World Nutella Day. Now that’s a holiday I think Americans can get behind.


Chocolate hazelnut spreads

Disclaimer: picture in no way suggests that you should eat this stuff with a spoon.

Nutrient Comparison

Information is for a 2 tablespoon serving.

Ferrero’s  Nutella





Hey, Hey Hazelnut! Askinosie Chocolate Hazelnut Spread





Choc & Nut Hazelnut-Cashew Nut-Cocoa Organic Spread





Dundee Orchards Chocolate Huckleberry Hazelnut Butter








Total Fat

11 g

16 g

10 g

10 g

Saturated Fat

3.5 g

4 g

5 g

3 g


15 mg

0 mg

5 mg

14 mg

Total Carbohydrate

22 g

14 g

19 g

40 g

Dietary Fiber

1 g

2 g

4 g

2 g


21 g

8 g

9 g

not listed


3 g

4 g

6 g

4 g

Chocolate-hazelnut spreads


It’s strange that with such similar ingredients, the finished products can be so different. And we need to remember that straight nut butter without added sweeteners and chocolate would be a smarter choice nutritionally. As you can see from the table above, the fat’s generally lower when the carbohydrate and sugar are higher. But the clear winner here for taste and healthy components is Hey, Hey Hazelnut! Askinosie Chocolate Hazelnut Spread; deeply, richly chocolate and oh so creamy. It’s made from: hazelnuts (oil and butter), cocoa powder, organic sugar, and roasted cocoa nibs. They call it bean-to-jar (they make it all from scratch) and it’s vegan. Weirdly, even though the company is in Springfield, MO, they source their hazelnuts from Holmquist Orchards, right up north of me in Lynden, Washington.

Cost and Availability

Here’s the bad news. The Hey, Hey Hazelnut! is $13 for 6.5 oz. and it’s hard to source. You can buy it from their online store, but the cheapest shipping option adds $16. Egad! It might be worth it to give them a call so they can find the retailer nearest you. I got my jar in Seattle at Sugarpill.

Can’t I Do It Better?

If you’re feeling crafty, you can always make your own, end up with a less processed product and be in control of the sugar yourself. I made the Homemade Mocha Nutella (Vegan, Refined-Sugar Free) from the Oh She Glows blog and it was sumptuous. (Thanks Angela!)  I’ve also taken a shine to the Not-Tella recipe in the Veganomicon cookbook. (Thanks Isa and Terry!)

Thick, creamy and I made it myself, using the recipe from Oh She Glows.

Thick, creamy and I made it myself, using the recipe from Oh She Glows.

Hoodwinked By Chocolate

It seems like there are more chocolate spreads making their way to store shelves, and I’ve been quickly hoarding all of them into my cart. But on closer inspection, once I got them home, I realized they don’t have one stinking hazelnut in them. If you’re thinking about branching out in the spread department, of those pictured below, the Wild Squirrel definitely wins the nutrition contest. But, Justin’s makes a Chocolate Almond Butter that beats them all.

Chocolate spreads

Left to right: Trader Joe’s Cocoa Almond Spread, Peanut Butter & Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams, Natural Nectar Dark Choco Dream, and Wild Squirrel Chocolate Sunflower Seed Almond Butter.


I plan to continue my gluttonous quest, and I just did a quick web search for other brands. Be warned Nutkao, Loacker, Jif, Jem and Rapunzel…I’m coming for you.


Update: This post is actually #2 in what ended up being a Nutella trilogy. Check out the other posts here:

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Please weigh in with your recommendations…are there any other chocolate-hazelnut spreads that hold a candle to the original?