My 5 Favorite Recipe Blogs That Might Be Your Favorite Too

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Small bowl of walnuts

I was taking a peek at my site the other day, trying to look at it critically and with fresh eyes, when I realized my blogroll was woefully out of date. I made the list when I originally started this blog, which was over a year ago. Since then, I’ve subscribed to, stumbled upon, looked forward to and become a fan of some new favorites. So, I started a list and updated the links for my favorite recipe blogs. While I was at it, I figured a recommendation from a friend for good reading or good eating is nearly always appreciated, so I decided to turn the new list into a post of its own. That way I can highlight them for you and really give them the attention they deserve.

The themes of these blogs run the gamut from vegan and raw, which I am not, to omnivorous, which I am not. But, I’ve found wonderful recipes that fit my kitchen just the same. They don’t all have a nutrition focus in particular, but they continually churn out whole foods recipes and fabulous photographs that get me excited about shopping and cooking. Here are my top 5:


101 Cookbooks

Let’s start with the very best, shall we? This is my first ever and still favorite blog for recipe ideas. Her culinary creativity fuels at least one meal a week for our family. I would go so far as to say her dishes are fool-proof. Like, for instance, Walnut Miso Noodles, which I’ve made dozens of times…I would consider this the perfect healthy pasta sauce.

Her two cookbooks are also a treasured part of my arsenal of dinner ideas. I blab on and on about how fantastic she is in this post, but I also get around to highlighting some must-makes from her beautifully photographed books.

Walnuts in a bowl

Smitten Kitchen

Comfort food is her specialty, but it’s usually made with a twist. Nearly everything is cooked from scratch and she offers up basic cooking tutorials, too, for those of us in need of new skills or a refresher course.

This tasty bowl of beta carotene and plant protein was a particular favorite on a recent spring evening: Carrot Soup with Tahini and Crisped Chickpeas.

Carrot soup in Weck canning jars.
Carrot soup leftovers. Patiently waiting their turn.

My New Roots

From her home base in Copenhagen, Sarah offers whole food recipes and continued, biweekly inspiration for a plant-based diet.

I was incredibly motivated by this post and its gorgeous photograph: Recipes and Tips for Healthy Travel. The next time I need to get on a plane you can bet I’ll be escorting a backpack full of healthy, homemade snacks through security. No more zesty pretzel mix in a foil tear pouch for me.


Oh She Glows

Who doesn’t want to glow from the inside out? (Diet seems a little easier than going the pregnancy route.) More plant-based wisdom can be found here with practical, everyday recipes.

I became a dedicated fan after I tasted this: Cranberry Apple Orange Vinaigrette. It’s pink, it’s fruity, it’s delightful, it’s delovely. Then I moved on to her Homemade Mocha Nutella and never looked back.


The Full Helping (Previously Choosing Raw)

Gena shares her simple approach to a vegan and raw lifestyle on this friendly blog. But more importantly, she got me to eat an avocado by hiding it here: Cherry Berry Beet Avocado Smoothie.


I think five is a good place to start for now, don’t you? Go take a peek and tell me what you think. And these are just the latest. I’m sure by next year I’ll have at least another handful of favorites. Since a recommendation from a friend is nearly always appreciated, I’m leaving it up to you to point me in the direction of your must-reads in the blogosphere….so I can pretend I’m keeping the blogroll sort of up-to-date.


Give it to me: what recipe blogs are inspiring you lately?


2 thoughts on “My 5 Favorite Recipe Blogs That Might Be Your Favorite Too”

  1. This is such a wonderful list of some awesome blogs! I am so glad you put it together! I got a chance to find some great ones that I didn’t know about! AND…so glad to have found your beautiful blog as well! 🙂

    1. Hi Caroline. So glad you found the list of blogs useful. There are so many wonderful sites out there to discover.

      I SO loved your Almond Coffee Green Smoothie this morning. I’m in the middle of testing an horchata smoothie recipe myself and I haven’t yet found quite the right mix. But, you’ve inspired me to try raw almonds next!

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