Courses: Main Dish

cast iron skillet filled with posole and cheese

Creamy Posole Casserole

The best vegetarian dining experience in Bellingham is without a doubt at Pepper Sisters. But this post is not a restaurant review. (If you wish it was a restaurant review, wander on over here: 10 Reasons to Love Pepper Sisters.) This post is, however, about a recipe inspired by one of Pepper Sister’s most unique side dishes. Like any good joint serving southwest cuisine, they …

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Pizza with tomatoes on top

Pistachio Pesto Pizza

Pizza again? Some families just can’t get enough. But if your tongue has tired of the same old red sauce and cheese combo and your palate needs to a perk-up, you can break out of the standard routine with Pistachio Pesto Pizza.

Two bowls of cooked lentils

Warm and Sweet Lentil Skillet with Roasted Cauliflower

My dad’s an agronomist; a retired one, in fact. He spent 37 years in the world of seed certification, walking wheat fields and identifying all manner of plants used for food, mostly here in Washington state. Despite his lighthearted threats over the years to set up his easel and give me and my sister legume lectures as a punishment, I credit him with instilling …

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Two slices of pizza on a cutting board

Cheddar Potato Pizza

It’s dinnertime, UH-gen. The family has communicated no so subtly that they’d rather just order pizza. But your brain is weighing all the options. You’ve been trying to build in a habit of whole foods whenever possible but you’re often short on time so convenience foods and fast food are appealing for speed, effort, and …

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