Courses: Beverage

Two glasses full of iced coffee with straws

Fizzy Iced Coffee

Beverages are very important to me, as a sipper and as a dietitian. Drink choices can make or break a day’s calorie intake, and help or hinder health goals. I’m always scanning the grocery store shelves for liquids that taste good and are nutritionally reasonable. One item that’s gained popularity recently is bottled iced coffee. …

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Top down view of canning jar with water and apple slices

3 Low-Calorie Homemade Flavored Waters

Water is boring. Or it can seem boring when you stand it up next to all the competitors: hyped-up energy drinks, sweet soda, flavored iced coffee concoctions, vitamin-enriched waters, rainbow-colored sports drinks, fancy bottled iced teas, etc. But it’s still the best thirst quencher out there, and the lack of calories is pretty appealing nutritionally. I know flavored waters are popular, …

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